Picture guidelines

Guidelines for Taking Pictures

If you don’t have access to x-rays, it’s crucial to provide us with clear pictures of your back, and your side. Please follow these guidelines:

      • Clothing: Be barefoot, with hair tied up. Wear form-fitting attire such as a tank top, sports bra, or bathing suit, and pair it with leggings or shorts.
      • Background: A plain wall as your background is preferred, or behind a closed door. This enhances visibility and clarity.
      • Camera Placement: Ensure the camera is leveled to the baseboard, and positioned at hip height.
      • Camera Angle: Camera should placed straight, so neither tilt upwards nor downwards, capturing you straight on.
      • Full Body: Include your entire body in the frame, from head to feet.
      • Body Position: Before taking the photos, walk in place for about 10 seconds. This ensures you’re not holding any tension and are standing naturally, not posing.
      • Arm Position: Keep your arms by your sides.
      • Image Orientation: Be aware that phones may mirror images. Ensure that the photo is oriented correctly (i.e., your right side in the photo is actually your right side) before submission.

Before sending your photos, double-check the alignment. If elements like skirting boards appear diagonally in the photo, it’s not straight.

Examples of pictures: